Privacy Policy

You don't need to worry about the safety and security of your details when you are dealing with us at 15 Minute Loans! For providing you safe and sound dealings throughout the transaction, we are equipped with latest and updated safety technology that leaves no space for any failure!

We at 15 Minute Loans have also employed a separate staff that is entirely committed in providing soundproof services to the customers without any escape. We have also introduced a special feature of separate online accessing account for every individual which can be accessed through a confidential password that is known to the user only. Henceforth, we advice you not to share any account details with anybody to keep your sensitive details intact.

We are not involved in any unethical business of selling or sharing our client's information to any third party at any cost. However, we at 15 Minute Loans can use your information for updating you with the loan deals available in the financial market. We can also discuss some of your details with the lenders to find you a deal that suit your needs the best.

You are also not required to furnish any of your details with us when you are just scanning our website! In fact, we at 15 Minute Loans give you an absolute freedom of downloading our content for your personal reference. However, to apply with us, you need to fill up our short online application form with some of your personal and financial details.

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